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Anecdotes from the Archive

As the Wheel Turns: Syria’s Past and Present

Syria cover

Over the last few months, Syria has been making headlines almost daily as the struggles between the government and protesters have become increasingly violent. This past Friday, the city of Hama was the target of a government-led military assault that claimed the lives of at least 65 protesters and injured countless others. As tens of [...]

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Food Matters

Political Climates: Drought and Conflict in Syria


Beginning in 2007, Syria and the greater Fertile Crescent experienced the worst three year drought ever recorded in the region. Recent research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests the drought may have contributed to the ongoing conflict in Syria. According to their study, the drought had detrimental effects on agriculture [...]

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The Science of TED 2015

What I love about the annual TED gathering in Vancouver is the way science coexists along with art, social justice, popular song and the rest of TED’s eclectic mix. Singers and celebrities may have bigger Twitter followings, but the scientists who come to TED—as newly minted TED Fellows or longtime attendees—do a pretty good job [...]

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French Report Concludes Syrian Government Used Sarin

White House map showing Syrian chemical attacks

On Monday the French government released a declassified report summarizing the evidence that it has gathered about three separate chemical weapons attacks on civilian populations in Syria. The report concluded that the two earlier attacks were basically practice runs as the Syrian regime’s adjusted its tactics and objectives away from battlefield objectives and towards raining [...]

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Talking back

A Guide to Suspected Chemical Weapons Used in Syria [Slide Show]

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has just published an informative photo slideshow by terrorism expert Charles Blair about chemical weapons possibly used in Syria. Page through it to learn about the history and effects of Sarin, chlorine, CN, CS, BZ and white phosphorous—and the evidence so far as to whether they have been used in [...]

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