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Not bad science

How To Get Into Science Communication Online


I recently taught a class on science journalism and science communication. Although there have been a few articles on this topic already (in particular I’d recommend reading Ed Yong’s and Carl Zimmer’s) I thought I’d share a bit of advice from my own experience. I became involved in science writing just a few years ago, [...]

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A medical classic gets a 21st-century makeover, going online and low-cost

The Oxford University Press has launched an online version of the Oxford Textbook of Medicine, complete with all the text, figures and illustrations that make up the three-volume, 6,000-page, 25-pound print behemoth. The book is a classic among generations of doctors and medical students, and it is considered the ultimate medical reference book by other [...]

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Plugged In

Stormwater Film Festival

On January 30, Plugged In’s unquenchable interest in infrastructure expressed itself in an actual tour of an infrastructure system itself. As part of ScienceOnline2013, the fabulous science/scientist/communications convention/festival/love-in held every year in my own city of Raleigh,  I led a tour of the stormwater tunnels beneath the city of Raleigh. I know all about these [...]

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Talking back

Read This Zuckerberg: FB Didn’t Become “Cool” by Censoring News of Science Research

"censored" billboard added in front of image of unclothed men used in study about male attractiveness

I recently saw The Social Network. It’s been out for years, but I usually wait until I can watch them in my living room for free. The take-home from that movie was that Facebook survived—it was the cool one—whereas other social media sites faltered because they didn’t “get it.” I know. It was just a [...]

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