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Frontiers for Young Minds

This Box is Heavier; I Can Just Hear it! Illusions of Sight and Sound in the Blind and Deaf


The last time someone told you to look at an optical illusion, they probably described it as playing a cool trick on your eyes. But these quirks of perception – as well as most other illusions – have more to do with tricking your brain than anything else. Rather than thinking about illusions as being [...]

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Spine Tuning: Finding Physical Evidence of How Practice Rewires the Brain


In kindergarten, several of my friends and I were very serious about learning to tie our shoes. I remember sitting on the edge of the playground, looping laces into bunny ears and twisting them into a knot over and over again until I had it just right. A few years later, whistling became my new [...]

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Talking back

Neuroplasticity: New Clues to Just How Much the Adult Brain Can Change

Popular neuroscience books have made much in recent years of the possibility that the adult brain is capable of restoring lost function or even enhancing cognition through sustained mental or physical activities. One piece of evidence often cited is a 14-year-old study that that shows that London taxi drivers have enlarged hippocampi, brain areas that [...]

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