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Aliens and Nazis and Electric History, Oh My!

Red sprites can be 50 kilometers tall but were proved to exist only in 1994. Credit: D. Sentman, G. Wescott, Geophysical Institute, U. Alaska Fairbanks, NASA

I received an odd e-mail recently asking whether an article from December 18, 1886, was likely to have been fact-checked, the implication being whether or not it was “true”: Here’s the 1886 article: The following brief account of a recent strange meteorological occurrence may be of interest to your readers as an addition to the [...]

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Talking back

The Nazis’ Biowarfare Program at Dachau

Hitler decided against Germany’s officially establishing a biological warfare program for reasons that are not entirely clear. Speculation has centered on his experience of being gassed in World War I and on a personal phobia about microbes. That may have stopped the Nazis from putting in place the type of aggressive effort instituted by the [...]

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