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Talking back

Ketamine, a Darling of the Club Scene, Inspires Development of Next-Generation Antidepressants, Part 3

Recent experimental research showing that the anesthetic and club drug ketamine can relieve depression quickly has intrigued a number of major pharmaceutical companies. Depression, it goes without saying, affects huge numbers and a fundamentally new and effective pharmaceutical approach to treating the disorder hasn’t emerged in decades. The enthusiasm for ketamine is such that physicians, [...]

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Talking back

The Straight Dope: A Q&A with the Prof behind the Good Science in Breaking Bad

Since 1983, Donna J. Nelson has taught some 10,000 students as a professor of organic chemistry at the University of Oklahoma. Her research extends to characterizing carbon nanotubes and examining carbon–carbon double bonds every which way and even promoting chemistry education as a means to increase the number of chemists and chemical engineers in the [...]

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