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Beautiful Minds

Profiling Serial Creators


Every single day, all across the globe, extraordinarily creative and talented students sit in our classrooms bored out of their minds. These budding innovators may differ drastically in what particular domain captivates their attention, whether it’s science and engineering, architecture and design, arts, music and entertainment, business and finance, law, or health care. Nevertheless, as Richard Florida [...]

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Guest Blog

Does debt boost young people’s morale?

Claims about the positive effects of debt warrant a closer look   Left: A twenty-something faces the horror of her account balance [Photo: RNuwer]   There’s a reason it’s called a “debt burden.” Recent headlines—things like Debt Boosts Young People’s Morale and What, Me Worry? Young Adults Get Self-Esteem Boost from Debt —indicate this might [...]

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New ATM Designed For Semi-Literate and Illiterate Populations

NCR, finance, ATM

Given the ubiquity of automated teller machines (ATMs) in most Western countries, it may be difficult to envision places in the world where people have never set foot in a bank nor touched an ATM. Efforts to change this are often stymied not only because locals are unfamiliar with the concept of financial services but [...]

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Talking back

Can Wall Street Financial “Wizardry” Foster Drug Innovation?

Most articles in the journal Nature Biotechnology have titles like “Selective Enrichment of Newly Synthesized Proteins for Quantitative Secretome Analysis.” They don’t usually contain sentences like this: “The special-purpose vehicle’s capital structure, priority of payments and various coverage tests and credit enhancements are collectively known as the ‘cash flow waterfall’—a reference to the manner in [...]

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