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Web Site Tracks Mosquito-Borne Diseases Spread Globally by Air Travel

The emergence of international air travel in the 20th century enabled an unprecedented spread of ideas, cultures and communication. Unfortunately, modern aviation has also proved an effective means of spreading diseases. Air travel didn’t introduce worldwide pandemics, of course, but with tens of millions of scheduled international flights annually and hundreds of millions of passengers [...]

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Roots of Unity

Understand the Measles Outbreak with this One Weird Number

A man sneezes, possibly transmitting measles or other airborne diseases. Image: James Gathany, CDC.

15. That’s all you need to know about the measles. OK, that’s not true at all. There’s no one weird trick that will give you a flat belly (besides lying face-down on something flat), and there’s no one weird number that explains measles epidemiology. But the basic reproduction number, or R0, of a disease does [...]

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Talking back

The Riddle of What Is Killing Thousands of Central American Cane Workers

“Why the Silence Comandante Ortega?” That paraphrasing of a headline from the great Spanish daily El Pais introduced a story in the paper on the difficulties that Nicaragua has  faced in coming to grips with the death and disability wrought by a still-unexplained kidney disease epidemic. By one estimate, at least 20,000 men throughout Central [...]

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