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Anthropology in Practice

Anna Post on Managing Our Digital Spaces

Tweeting, texting, Facebooking, checking email, sending photos, and even, yes, old-fashioned telephone calls—we’re doing it all, and we’re doing it wherever and whenever we please. Mobile technology has increased our ability to connect to each other, but we’re still working out the social codes that go along with this medium. As we weave our digital [...]

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Talking back

Read This Zuckerberg: FB Didn’t Become “Cool” by Censoring News of Science Research

"censored" billboard added in front of image of unclothed men used in study about male attractiveness

I recently saw The Social Network. It’s been out for years, but I usually wait until I can watch them in my living room for free. The take-home from that movie was that Facebook survived—it was the cool one—whereas other social media sites faltered because they didn’t “get it.” I know. It was just a [...]

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