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MIT Neurotech: Mapping the Brain with Connectomics

A synapse. An upstream cell, here an amacrine interneuron shown in yellow, sends impulses to a downstream cell, shown in blue, which if excited in the right way will then propagate the signal down its axon to other cells. Image by Alex Norton from data analyzed by deep learning algorithms and gamers in the citizen neuroscience game EyeWire.

We can make movies using atoms as characters, grow organs and even skydive from space, yet when it comes to understanding the finer details of the 1.3 kilogram organ behind each person’s eyes – the brain – we’re mostly in the dark. Neuroscientists do not even know how many different types of cells it contains, much less how [...]

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Talking back

Brainomics: Hacking the Brain (and Autism) with Gene Machines

Tony Zador Tony Zador is a professor of biology at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory who studies auditory processing, attention and decision-making in rodents. He spoke recently at the laboratory’s 79th annual symposium on quantitative biology, which focused this year on the topic of cognition. Zador talked about his recent work trying to demonstrate how [...]

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