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Streams of Consciousness

Seeing Schizophrenia Before It’s Too Late

Embroidery by a person with schizophrenia

According to his two brothers, my uncle Glenn had always been a little odd. He was a quiet kid, and when he spoke—he talked at you, not to you. If he got excited, he might splay his fingers incongruously or his body would abruptly quiver. Never physically aggressive or mean, Glenn had friends—but not many. [...]

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Talking back

Brain Scans and the Law (Watch the Full World Science Festival Event)

The question of whether brain scanning can detect the intentions of a criminal defendant fascinates cops, lawyers and John and Jane Doe. It’s probably still a theoretical question and may remain so for a long time to come. Even so, Alan Alda moderated a panel of experts whose members spend a lot of time on [...]

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