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Talking back

Map of Brain’s Speech Centers May Help “Locked-In” Patients Talk

Wilder Penfield’s famous homonculus map of the brain had a large area on one side capped by a gaping cartoon mouth labeled simply “vocalization.” During the 1930s,  Penfield stimulated that same area, but was unable to elicit any recognizable utterances. A group of researchers led by Edward F. Chang of the University of California San [...]

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Talking back

Action Plan: Making Brain-Controlled Prosthetics That Can Open a Clothespin

Last year a group of researchers at Brown and Harvard universities reported on a study called Braingate, in which a paralyzed woman picked up a container of coffee with a robotic arm and drank from it through a straw, an action directed by electrical signals from her motor cortex. Brain-controlled interfaces have advanced dramatically during [...]

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