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All that glisters is not gold: Quality of Public Domain Chemistry Databases

Shakespeare wrote "All that glisters is not gold" and how right he was. Whether it’s the before and after shots of models who have lost an incredible 10 pounds in just two days on a particular pill, or the couch potato who showed a six pack of abs in just 2 weeks after drinking some [...]

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Jurassic World Butting Heads with PaleoIllustrators


Once again, paleo-illustrators are being alienated from a movie they could probably love. At least a few paleo-illustrators are discovering their work has been put up on the Jurassic World “as-if-it-was-a-real-park” promotional website without their permission. Here’s a short history of pushing away what should be the movie’s most ardent supporters. First, the director Colin [...]

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The Wikipediafication of Fine Art


  Rich Visual Vocabulary A lot of Renaissance art is stuffed with symbols we hardly see now: oh, that orange on the table in Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Wedding? Means sex and money, like a boss. Or before The Fall because it’s not an apple. The single, lit candle? The Holy Spirit. Spheroid mirror with the shadowy [...]

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