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Twelve Months of Curiosity on Mars in Two Minutes

Curiosity's First Year On Mars

Mars Curiosity Rover has captured our attention from the time it launched in November 2011 to the time it landed on August 5, 2012 in a very dramatic landing to now. It has been on the red planet for almost 12 months. What has it done so far? Take a look: Even with Curiosity there, [...]

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For Admirers of Audubon & Sibley, Two Recurring Art Exhibits


If you appreciate John J. Audubon’s exacting detail and beautiful compositions and you marvel at the encyclopedic knowledge and delicate illustrations in the famous Sibley Bird Guides you may be interested to know that there are many contemporary masters following in their footsteps today. Their names may be less well-known, but their work is equally [...]

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