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Where are the Women Science Creators on Youtube?

Click image to watch Joanne's Blood Cell Bakery Introduction

Many times I wondered this myself, and while I had the attention of the youtube infamous Hank Green of SciShow, I asked him in correspondence last year: “One last thing, while I have your attention. Have you noticed that there are so few women represented on youtube talking about science? It’s one thing that TV [...]

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The Intelligent Use of Animations

Jim Benton Cartoon

Or, in other words: Don’t do this. Do this: Remember websites in the early 90s with their scrolling banners, cheezy tiled backgrounds, and blinking and twirling text? No matter how swanky html5 or the next coding language is, I hope I never utter the phrase, “sure, why not?!” when it comes to use of special [...]

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