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Looking Back on 30 Science Artists in 30 Days


For three years now we have been celebrating science artists here on Symbiartic. Every September we have stepped it up a notch to feature a different science artist each day in our September SciArt Blitz. In case you missed any of them, here is a visual summary of the 2014 SciArt Blitz artists (click on [...]

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Playing What-If With Parasites


Who could be better positioned for a bit of speculative biology than a parasitologist? Artist and parasitologist Tommy Leung has a mind for puzzling out species networks, and he puts it to – no other word fits – fantastic use when thinking up new creature-relationships. Brood Beast & Symbiomice is a detailed example of fictional [...]

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SciArt on Google+


A couple of years ago, when the massive and amazing all-in-one was launching, the organizers asked if I thought there were enough artists blogging about science-related artwork to make an RSS feed that would update a few times a day or week, that could collect science-based artists under one roof. I said sure, and [...]

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