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Anthropology in Practice

Live Blog: Field Notes From Thanksgiving

Here in the US, many of us are in the midst of Thanksgiving preparations: turkeys are being baked (or perhaps fried) and basted, potatoes are being mashed, and pies are setting. And people are gathering—which is perhaps the most important part of this particular holiday. During this holiday, discussions abound on the nature of tryptophan, [...]

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Food Matters

Today I’m thankful for turkey, which means I’m thankful for corn, fish, gasoline, and much, much more.


On Thursday, millions across the country will gather in dining rooms around fragrant, large, delicious dead birds, stuffed with even more delicious spoonfuls of cornbread, celery, and savory herbs. Gravy will flow. Potatoes will be mashed. And pie. Oh, the pie. The abundance on the table is meant to represent the abundance in our lives, [...]

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Plugged In

Helium on 34th Street


This Thursday, many of us will begin celebrating by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s a tradition for me… In the 1980’s, I stood in the crowd a few times, and my favorite part wasn’t the floats and musicians – it was, of course, the great big helium balloons. What I didn’t know then, [...]

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Roots of Unity

A Mathematical Thanksgiving Celebration

A more realistic picture of how Borromean rings can occur in the real world. Image: public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Last year, the inimitable Vi Hart made a Thanksgiving video series, describing how to imbue your holiday celebration with more mathematics. My favorite video is the one about Borromean onion rings, perhaps because I’ve been slightly obsessed with Borromean rings for a while. Borromean rings are three circles that are connected so that if you [...]

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Hello!? This is Your Conscience Speaking…


Good ol’ They always know how to ruin a perfectly good Thanksgiving binge! I wonder where mom’s pecan pie fits in… by visually.Browse more infographics.

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