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Extinction Countdown

Natural Gas Company Fined $500,000 for Damaging Endangered Species Habitat

A subsidiary of Petrohawk Energy Corp. has been fined $350,000 and ordered to pay an additional $150,000 in restitution for damaging the habitat of an endangered species in Arkansas. The latter amount will be paid to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for use in watershed restoration projects in the area, according to a press [...]

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Fracking’s Biggest Problem May Be What to Do with Wastewater


Of all the troubles with fracking, the biggest—and growing—challenge seems to be what to do with all those millions of gallons of water contaminated with frack chemicals, leached minerals and salts. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of drilling sideways into subterranean shale and blasting it open with millions of gallons of water to [...]

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Competition Between OPEC, U.S. Drives Oil Prices to Four-Year Low


On Thursday, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), an economic cartel responsible for approximately one third of global oil production, announced it would not decrease its rate of oil production. The announcement comes despite steadily decreasing global oil prices over the past several weeks, indicating that OPEC and its chief member Saudi Arabia are [...]

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How Does Oil and Gas Drilling Raise Electricity Prices in West Texas?

Often, oil and gas drilling occurs in rural areas without sufficient electricity infrastructure. (Photo by Richard Childress)

In July 2012, Frontier Texas, an Old West museum located in Abilene, received an electric bill nearly $4,000 higher than expected. Oddly enough, the museum hadn’t used an unusual amount of power that month. Rather, the cause of the high bill was the fact that Abilene lies in Texas’s western power trading zone, which happens [...]

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Switching from coal to natural gas may be better for the climate than previously thought: new measurements see lower fugitive emissions from fracking


A new study finds that methane emissions from shale gas production are nearly 50 times lower than previous estimates, improving the climate benefit of switching from coal to natural gas.

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Maybe … a Half of a Cheer for Shale Gas? Maybe?

I had a whole post prepared about how the Geographic Information Services people helped in the response to the April tornados that devastated Raleigh, which seemed like a good way to introduce the infrastructure-plus-connectivity-plus-how-do-they-DO-that? applied science take I hope to bring to this blog, but then I came back from vacation and opened the newspapers [...]

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Largest Assemblage of Cambrian Fossils Since 1909 Discovered in British Columbia

new arthropod

Much of what we know about the diversification of body plans that happened starting 540-million years ago (commonly known as the Cambrian Explosion) comes from the famous Burgess Shale formation. The original site, located in Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rockies, was discovered by paleontologist Charles Walcott in 1909. The site has produced an [...]

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