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Glendon’s Top 5 Paleoart Books You Must Own


Protoceratops © by John Conway, from All Yesterdays As someone fascinated by prehistoric life during my entire existence, my love for paleoart is experiencing something of a renaissance: I have children now. There’s nothing more enchanting than reading a dinosaur book with a 3 year old and talking about the beasties. “Maybe this one ate [...]

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Grumpy Shark Responds to Discovery’s Shark Week


Discovery channel asks if C. megalodon could still be extant, Tardar megalodon answers. You tell ‘em, Tardar megalodon! Drawing by Scott Elyard. We’ve featured artwork by Elyard before here on Symbiartic: Dinosaurs & Robots rocking Anchorage. – - Coherent Light – Scott Elyard’s art blog . @coherent_light – Elyard on Twitter Scott Elyard on G+ Cubelight gfx [...]

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