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Frontiers for Young Minds

What Rabbits and Martian Rovers Taught Me About Scale

Atacama Salar

Quite often when I am looking at photos, I just feel like something is missing. It is not a criticism of the light or the composition, but rather that something is, quite literally, missing: a scale. As someone who completed a PhD in geology, I am probably biased. I have more photos of my rock [...]

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British Storm Brings Up History’s First Work of Social Media


The enormous winter storm Xaver currently battering northern Europe, coming only a month after another one, brings to mind another famous storm that hit England late in the fall — the unnamed blow that generated Daniel Defoe’s nonfiction masterpiece The Storm, considered by some the first work of modern journalism. It hit southern England just [...]

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The Earthquake App — circa 1859

Screen shot 2011-08-23 at 11.27.08 PM

Okay, so we all had a swell time: the floor starts jiggling like a jello-mold, and those of us who didn’t run outside ran to Twitter, and it was on. Within seconds we were linking to the USGS site, the sites for the impenetrable Richter Scale and the simple, purely descriptive Modified Mercalli Scale (“III. Vibrations similar [...]

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An Interactive Scale of Everything in the Universe


This infographic may look modest, but it is nothing short of exceptional. A few days ago, I posted it to Twitter and it seems at least the Twittersphere agrees. Now the graphic is up on with an embed button, so of course I had to pass it along! Truly an awesome graphic in scope [...]

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