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Seven Reasons Space Scientists Are Tougher Than You Think

Curiosity Landing

Whether it is waiting to hear about draft picks or the next release by Apple, there are many things that make enthusiasts hold their breath. When the Curiosity Rover experienced an electrical short on February 27th, I held mine. I acknowledge that this moment is hardly one of the most nail-biting of even this particular [...]

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After Enduring a Martian Marathon, NASA’s Opportunity Rover Faces an Uncertain Future

The path of NASA's Opportunity rover during its marathon journey on Mars

It’s been a long time coming, but this week NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover completed the first-ever Martian marathon. After landing on the Red Planet in January 2004 on a mission originally planned to only last 90 days, Opportunity has instead endured for more than a decade, and has taken eleven years and two months to [...]

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Curiosity Gears Up to Zap Rocks in Huge Crater at Red Planet

Mars, rover

Now that NASA’s “seven-minutes of terror” have passed safely, the Mars Curiosity rover’s exploratory mission is off and running. Over the next two years—probably more, if it’s anything like the Opportunity or Spirit rovers—the Jeep-sized rover will explore its new home using a variety of tools. One of the Curiosity’s most important objectives will be [...]

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See Where Our Curiosity Gets Us?


I’m so excited I might burst. The first images from Curiosity’s cameras rained down to Earth in the middle of last night, after a 14 minute journey from the red planet. Here they are, in all their glory. Larger, color images will be available next week. Let the imagination soar!! Other neat tidbits from Curiosity: [...]

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