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Looking Back on 30 Science Artists in 30 Days


For three years now we have been celebrating science artists here on Symbiartic. Every September we have stepped it up a notch to feature a different science artist each day in our September SciArt Blitz. In case you missed any of them, here is a visual summary of the 2014 SciArt Blitz artists (click on [...]

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Shields and Spears


I love when this group of Alaskan paleoartists has a show – I even have one of their past postcards framed and decorating my sons’ robot-and-dinosaur themed bedroom. Scott Elyard, Raven Amos and Zachary Miller are distinct and lively personalities in the paleoart (and often toy) blogging world. (Raven and Scott also frequent the SciArt [...]

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Glendon’s Top 5 Paleoart Books You Must Own


Protoceratops © by John Conway, from All Yesterdays As someone fascinated by prehistoric life during my entire existence, my love for paleoart is experiencing something of a renaissance: I have children now. There’s nothing more enchanting than reading a dinosaur book with a 3 year old and talking about the beasties. “Maybe this one ate [...]

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