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What If All The Images Went Away


Last week on Twitter and Facebook, I leveled criticisms at particular sites and railed against improper image use in science communication. Again. After arguing with (arguably) allies in science communication I was fed up. Fed up with the attitude that unattributed images are just a (small) sacrifice for the net good of science communication to [...]

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How to Destroy Priceless Works of Art


So I’m furious and angry and sad about what happened to the paintings from the Rotterdam Kunsthal museum. If you don’t know, read on, I’ll get there. If blog post seems irreverent and tongue and cheek, call it a coping mechanism, dammit. How to Destroy Watercolours Often the simplest way to destroy watercolours is to [...]

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Pro-Vaccine Communication: You’re Doing it Wrong

© Glendon Mellow

A particular drum I like to beat, is about science communicators learning how to use images effectively. Give your blog post illustration some thought. Don’t just stick any old candied cherry on the top of your post: make sure it’s the right maraschino cherry. Then add sprinkles. If you are having trouble finding good images [...]

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