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Not bad science

Forget The Flea Circus, Bees Can Do All The Tricks


When we think of animals doing tricks, we’re likely to think of dogs               or maybe even a parrot               But you probably didn’t think of bumblebees. However, check out these videos of these bumblebees performing some seemingly impressive feats:   How did [...]

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Puzzling out Brain Iconography


Artists who obsess about a subject can fall prey to repetition, and build a career out of what splattered-paint canvas or bowl of fruit after another. But artists like Michelle Hunter instead find a never-ending cascade of images worth exploring. Her obsession? The brain. We’ll be doing an interview with Hunter in the days ahead, [...]

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Find All the Absurdities!


A little blast from the past to puzzle over while your head spins from chocolate overload this weekend. Two centuries before M.C. Escher confounded us with his optical illusions and play on perspective, William Hogarth (1697-1764) created Satire on False Perspective. Hogarth was a British painter and engraver sometimes credited with beginning the tradition of [...]

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