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Compound Eye

The Fly That Banks On Arachnophobia


Imagine that you are a tasty, tasty fruit fly, full of luscious lipids and useful proteins. Just the sort of meal over which any self-respecting fly predator should salivate. Now imagine that the predatory spiders incessantly stalking you are, like most spiders, solitary creatures. Spiders, you see, are usually happy to avoid their own kind. [...]

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Illusion Chasers

Illusion of the Week: Taxidermy Dreams


Here’s how you make a rabbit-duck in real life (death?) with a little help from taxidermy.

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Not bad science

An Optical Illusion As Seen By a Fish

The Ebbinghaus Illusion

Visual illusions are fun: we know with our rational mind that, for example, these lines are parallel to each other, yet they don’t appear that way. Similarly, I could swear that squares A and B are different colours. But they are not. This becomes clearer when a connecting block is drawn between the two squares [...]

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The Continuing Mystery of the Moon Illusion [Video]

The harvest moon is almost upon us—specifically, September 19. It’s the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, and it has deep significance in our cultural histories. Namely, it enabled our ancestral farmers to toil longer in the fields. (Today, electricity enables us to toil longer in the office—thanks, Tom Edison.) One enduring belief is [...]

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Why so many artists have lazy eyes, and other things art can teach us about the brain

cave drawing brain art mind

NEW YORK—When ancient denizens of central France painted leaping horses on the cave walls at Lascaux, they might not have had the late Renaissance understanding of how to illustrate perspective and three dimensions. But they did, with simple black lines, give the implication of depth, showing the far pair of limbs behind the closer pair. [...]

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What Can We Learn From Renaissance Vegetables?


Just throwing this out there. Has there been an attempt to track the meandering flow of selective breeding of fruits, vegetables and flowers by using still life paintings since the Renaissance? Are any vegetables significantly different in say, these face illusions by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (~1526-1593) than they would appear now? According to the Carrot Museum, [...]

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Find All the Absurdities!


A little blast from the past to puzzle over while your head spins from chocolate overload this weekend. Two centuries before M.C. Escher confounded us with his optical illusions and play on perspective, William Hogarth (1697-1764) created Satire on False Perspective. Hogarth was a British painter and engraver sometimes credited with beginning the tradition of [...]

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Don’t Look Now But You’re Being Watched


If you’ve ever felt like that crusty old oil portrait is watching you as you move about the room, you may not be totally off yer rocker. Researchers at Rutgers University have just published an intriguing optical illusion that shows despite our best efforts to understand the world around us, our brains insist on making [...]

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