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The SciArt Buzz: ScienceArt On Exhibit In May/June 2013


If I only had a private jet at my beck and call, I could zip around the country to all these fine exhibits… sigh! _____________ EXHIBITS: NORTHEAST REGION Princeton University’s ART of SCIENCE May 10, 2013 – Atrium, Friend Center Engineering Library Princeton University 35 Olden Street Princeton, NJ The Art of Science exhibition marks [...]

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Painting With Chimps


[It's with great pleasure the Symbiartic team is featuring this Guest Post by illustrator Nathaniel Gold. Gold is the artist behind the wonderful illustrations found on The Primate Diaries by Eric Michael Johnson, and has twice been featured as Image of the Week (once, twice) here on the Scientific American Blog Network. I was excited [...]

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ScienceOnline2012 Sci-Art Show: The Winners


Already announced by Karyn Traphagen on the ScienceOnline2012 blog, I’m taking another look at the winners of the first ScienceOnline Science-Art Show. Artwork at a science communication conference in many ways should be a no-brainer: visuals are often left as frills and afterthoughts in blog posts, books and articles. But a strong image can viscerally [...]

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