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The Three Hearts of the OctoBeast


Borne of ink and paint by artist Kaitlin Beckett’s steady hand, the OctoBeast ramps up its mating display by brandishing its antlers and displaying its three hearts. Magnificent. Kaitlin Beckett is one of my favourite artists so I am thrilled to share this new work to kick off our September SciArt Blitz. Make sure to [...]

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Blood Goats. You Heard Me.


Sometimes we feature artwork on Symbiartic because it’s astounding and thought-provoking. You may have seen Kaitlin Beckett’s work on Symbiartic before (when we showed off her Katana Sharks and Fan Fish), or on her site, A Curious Bestiary. Today, Blood Goats. Something about these seemes sad and powerful to  me. There’s something elderly here, from [...]

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