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Extinction Countdown

How much is a wolf worth in Idaho? $11.75

wolf howling at moon

Gray wolves have a price tag on their heads in Idaho, and it’s a bargain-basement price at that. Starting Monday, Idaho residents can get wolf-hunting permits for just $11.75 (after purchasing a state hunting license for $12.75, of course). Nonresidents have to pay a bit more: $154.75 for a hunting license, plus $186 for a [...]

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The Hypnotic Whorl of Teeth That Keeps Researchers Guessing


How many facelifts can one extinct animal undergo? The answer is probably equal to the number of interested researchers and paleoartists out there, and then some. In the case of the mysterious whorled tooth rows left behind by the fossil fish known as Helicoprion, artist Ray Troll has documented close to two dozen, many of [...]

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Tools Change But Creative People Are a Constant


Once upon a time, I wrote about five reasons your camera won’t steal my job. In short, the reasons were: 1. Photography can’t capture small things 2. Photography can’t capture distant things 3. Photography can’t capture extinct things 4. Photography can emphasize the wrong things 5. Photography is just one tool of many to master [...]

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