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Why Is Quantum Gravity So Hard? And Why Did Stalin Execute the Man Who Pioneered the Subject?

What is the hottest problem in fundamental physics today? Physics aficionados most probably would answer: quantum gravity. Of all the fundamental forces of nature, only gravity still stands outside the rubric of the quantum theory. The difficulty of quantizing gravity has led to radical theories such as string theory, with its bold predictions of higher [...]

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Life, Unbounded

Jovian Attraction

Objects may feel closer than they really are...

Life, Unbounded is preparing a series of posts on exoplanets, one a day for five days – this planetary menagerie will contain some of the most fascinating, but unsung, “heroes” of exoplanetary science . In the meantime, since our closest gas giant world is once again bright in the increasingly wintery skies of the northern [...]

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Life, Unbounded

When Worlds…Perturb

Vesta from Dawn (NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA)

It’s an exciting time for solar system exploration. NASA’s Dawn mission has now entered into an orbit around the minor planet known as Vesta, a 500km diameter chunk of rock and who-knows-what-else that orbits the Sun beyond Mars and in the classical asteroid belt. After hanging out at Vesta for a year Dawn will pull [...]

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Gravity-Defying, Self-Siphoning Metal Beads Explained [Video]

The effect is as astonishing as it is hypnotic: a chain of metal beads magically arcs above its container as the beads fall to the ground. The beads in the video, made by Steve Mould, who hosts several BBC science shows, are not magnetic, either. Pretty cool, huh? Mould gives us an explanation the video [...]

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NASA Probes to Crash into Lunar Mountain Monday Afternoon

Topo map of the lunar mountain where GRAIL will crash-land

The slope of an unnamed mountain near the moon’s north pole will be the final destination for NASA’s twin GRAIL spacecraft, which are scheduled to crash into the lunar surface at high speed today. The impacts are planned for 5:28 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. The twin probes, nicknamed Ebb and Flow, have orbited the moon [...]

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What’s the real story with Newton and the apple? See for yourself


Among the countless achievements of Isaac Newton, any number of which would have made him a houseold name on their own, his articulation of the force of gravity in the late 17th century surely ranks near the top. The legend of Newton’s inspiration coming from a falling apple is often dismissed as apocryphal, but the [...]

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Top 10 (+1) Commander Chris Hadfield Videos from the ISS!

Colonel Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut, a former mission specialist on STS-74 who also performed multiple EVAs on STS-100, and, for a few hours longer, the well-loved commander of the International Space Station mission 35. He has been a great inspiration for space travel via every type of social media (with the assistance of [...]

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Click! Onomatopoeia For Your Eyes


Whiz, BAM! Boom. Remember onomatopoeia from fifth grade English class? Well here’s a treat for your eyes, a sort of visual onomatopoeia where designer Ji Lee twists letters and words into visual representations of their meanings: These images are taken from Ji Lee’s book, Word As Image: a collection of 90 altered words, examples of [...]

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