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20th-Century Math Hidden in 15th-Century Art


Art and science are often thought of as disparate entities, drawing on different strengths and different ways of thinking. This is surely true, but the disciplines also share patterns of thought and essential characteristics. Take, for example, their inherently collaborative processes. No artist creates in a vacuum just as no scientists could perform the work [...]

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Return of the Science-Art Scumble


Welcome to the Science-Art Scumble!  A collection of links showing the ever-evolving intersection of science and art, largely drawn from the Science Artists Feed. This marks Scumble #32. Featured Art   Artists who create with fractals are kinda nuts. I mean, it’s like Minecraft in a blender a lot of the time, and the people [...]

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Balloons, Books and Beer: The Emergent Art of Willy Chyr


Back in February, we showcased some of science-artist Willy Chyr‘s stunning Neuroplastic Dreams. When I met Chyr here in Toronto those few months back, I wasn’t expecting the forthright clarity and modesty in his character that I encountered. Chyr is intelligent and fun. I’m pleased to share this interview with this vibrant talent. – - [...]

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