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Glendon’s Top 5 Paleoart Books You Must Own


Protoceratops © by John Conway, from All Yesterdays As someone fascinated by prehistoric life during my entire existence, my love for paleoart is experiencing something of a renaissance: I have children now. There’s nothing more enchanting than reading a dinosaur book with a 3 year old and talking about the beasties. “Maybe this one ate [...]

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Bif! Bam! Pow! Microraptor Missing Creator Credit!


I really don’t enjoy playing Internet Police. After this happened and this needed to be said, I don’t want to write another story about image misappropriation. About another brazen misuse of some science illustration. Le sigh. Oh wait, first rule of writing something impactful: start positive. Ok. Ahem. Once more unto the breach! In a [...]

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How do you fill a dinosaur exhibit with feathers?

Caudipteryx © {link url=""}David Orr{/link}

  Q: How do you fill a dinosaur exhibit with feathers? A: Put out an open call to the blogosphere’s paleo artists. ART Evolved is a paleo-themed group art blog created by educators Craig Dylke and Peter Bond that I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in since its inception 4 years ago this month. [...]

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