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When Physicians Relate to Some Patients, but Not All

During a conversation the other day, a classmate of mine shook me out of my afternoon inertia by casually remarking that the most memorable patients he had encountered during his third year medical rotations were the ones who, by virtue of being young, educated, and English-speaking, reminded him of himself. There was nothing truly remarkable [...]

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Guest Blog

Caring for the Patient When the Patient Doesn’t Care

Homeless man in Los Angeles, CA

In medical school, we learn that our job is to help our patients. This point seems so obvious that we take it for granted; we tell ourselves that this is the purpose served by the endless hours in the library and late nights on the wards. In the abstract, it seems like a simple concept. [...]

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Coughs Fool Patients into Unnecessary Requests for Antibiotics

cough illness duration expectation prescription antibiotic

No one wants a hacking cough for days or weeks on end. But research shows that it generally takes about 18 days to get over a standard cough-based illness. Most of us grow impatient after a week or so and head to the doctor to get a prescription. The problem with that recourse, however, is [...]

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Docs Frequently Fail to Sniff Out Boozers

alcohol use doctor

Height? Weight? Any changes in your health? Do you smoke? Simple screening in the doctor’s office can help clinicians pick up on potential health problems. But these perfunctory questions—combined with any other follow-up an individual doctor might decide to do—fail to detect one exceedingly common health issue: too much drinking. Each year more than one [...]

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Pro-Vaccine Communication: You’re Doing it Wrong

© Glendon Mellow

A particular drum I like to beat, is about science communicators learning how to use images effectively. Give your blog post illustration some thought. Don’t just stick any old candied cherry on the top of your post: make sure it’s the right maraschino cherry. Then add sprinkles. If you are having trouble finding good images [...]

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