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Is Your Child Ungifted?


  When Jay Leno asked Steve Carell how his kids were doing, he didn’t seem too concerned: “I hate it when people talk about kids on talk shows. I hate it, because every person who talks about their kids, their kids are obviously the most intelligent and the cutest. They’re all very, very gifted children. Ask [...]

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Stunted Growth from Common Causes Threatens Children’s Later Achievement

PHILADELPHIA—Severe malnourishment of mothers and their children can cause lifelong growth deficiencies and health problems, warned scientists at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene annual meeting in Philadelphia on Wednesday. But a lack of nutritious food isn’t the only culprit. Stunting, severe wasting and poor growth while in utero are together responsible for [...]

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A Perfect Museum Photo


This photo, taken a few weeks ago at the Royal Ontario Museum by ROMKids Assistant Coordinator/force of nature Kiron Mukherjee, captures a perfect museum moment. Liz Butler is a high school teacher and artist who regularly draws what she sees at the museum – and the ROM has been sharing her marvellous work for well [...]

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How Well Will You Age?


When we’re young, we quietly take stock of those around us and reject notions that we will eventually gain weight, deflate, wrinkle and sag. When we’re old, we reminisce about the smooth, taut and strong bodies of our youth. You can look to your relatives for rough facsimiles of how you might age, but ultimately, [...]

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