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Plugged In

A Word On Bora And The Science Blogging Community

I’ve written extensively about sexism in the past and am extremely troubled over the past week’s revelations regarding Bora Zivkovic. My read of the situation (some background here) is that he acted inappropriately. However, having been a science blogger since 2006 at Scienceblogs, Discover, Wired, and now SciAm, I must also acknowledge that he has [...]

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The Intelligent Use of Animations

Jim Benton Cartoon

Or, in other words: Don’t do this. Do this: Remember websites in the early 90s with their scrolling banners, cheezy tiled backgrounds, and blinking and twirling text? No matter how swanky html5 or the next coding language is, I hope I never utter the phrase, “sure, why not?!” when it comes to use of special [...]

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