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Health Apps Offer In-Car Tech That Benefits Rather Than Distracts Drivers


For many people, the largest smart gadget they own is not their phone or tablet—it’s the automobile sitting in their driveway. Cars have been able to connect to Android, iPhone and mobile Microsoft devices for years now—primarily via voice commands—to access apps aimed at communication and entertainment. The future points to apps that run on [...]

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Plugged In

Beating Traffic with Trained Mammals

My favorite element of the electric grid is the method by which it gathers information about power outages. It seems the electric utilities have legions of trained mammals, and when power goes out, mammals in different areas press buttons, and the buttons make a bell ring at the utilities. For pressing the right button the [...]

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Fragment – photo app review


Here’s a new photography app that could be useful for a number of sciart illustration and art applications: Fragment. For: iOS devices. What it does: Fragment can quickly add seemingly random mixtures of fragmented shapes and effects to photos you have stored on your device with just one tap. You have full control over all [...]

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Illustrate Your Science Blog Using An iPhone


Okay so you’re blogging about science, putting your expertise out there, hoping to reel people in so they can see how cool everything you do really is. Show ‘em. Right. Typetypetypepublish. But it doesn’t look right. You’re looking at your favourite science blogs and they all have these cool images. Copyright scares you a little. [...]

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