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Speaking of Tax Dollars… Do You Like Yours Spent on Teaching Creationism?


After the State of the Union address last night, everyone is talking about how best to spend tax dollars. So it seems appropriate to bring this into the conversation. Slate published a critical interactive map this week showing schools that allow the teaching of creationism in their science classrooms while receiving public funding. It's a wake up call for how our tax money is potentially being spent to undermine our best efforts at creating competitive students and a well-educated, science-literate public. Check it out (click on the map to go to the graphic on Slate):

Schools that can teach creationism with public funds

Schools that can teach creationism with public funds. Click the image for the full article and interactive graphic from Slate (Image courtesy of Slate)


"Publicly Funded Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism" by Chris Kirk for Slate

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