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September SciArt Blitz Continues with Awkward Yeti


For the whole month of September over here at Symbiartic, we'll be doing a SciArt Blitz! Glendon got us started yesterday, and here I am contributing our first science cartoonist of the month: The Awkward Yeti.

Creator Nick Seluk doesn't always draw comics about science, but when he does, they're my favorites.

Find the Awkward Yeti on Facebook, Twitter, and check out his Kickstarter which has at this time mere hours to go!

"I hope you brought lots of baggies" by the Awkward Yeti


What was happening exactly one year ago today on Symbiartic during the SciArt extravaganza? Oddly enough, I was the one being featured! Li'l ol' me! This was before I was a part of team Symbiartic. My how time flies!

Be sure to follow us on twitter @Symbiartic to see more of this month's SciArt Blitz!

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