The art of science and the science of art.

Science, Humor, and Art in Unearthed Comics


Entrepreneurial artist Sara Zimmerman brings us science- and environmentalism-themed comics. She has a portfolio of great comics about astronomy, but she also draws inspiration from her surroundings in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe. A fine artist, web designer, graphic designer, and avid outdoorswomman, Sara definitely keeps busy. I love her personal style.

Sara sums up her perspective quite nicely: "I am wife/mom, entrepreneur, athlete, musician, lover of chocolate, and citizen of this funny place called 'Earth.' Therefore, I get to see a lot of weird, yet hilarious stuff. These comics are my interpretation of how I see the world around me through my chocolate-flavored glasses."

Check out her book too!


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Visit Sara's portfolio website to see more of her fine art.

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