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Return of the Science-Art Scumble


Welcome to the Science-Art Scumble! A collection of links showing the ever-evolving intersection of science and art, largely drawn from the Science Artists Feed. This marks Scumble #32.

Featured Art

Bone Blossom © Troythulu


Artists who create with fractals are kinda nuts. I mean, it's like Minecraft in a blender a lot of the time, and the people creating it are almost...worshiping the process. Which is whacked out.

That said, I couldn't deny the wonderful beauty of this piece, Bone Blossom by Troythulu when it came wandering through my Twitter feed. I really wanted to go on mocking fractal art, Troythulu: this artwork ruined that for me. *sigh*

You can find Troythulu's creations on his blog The Call of Troythulu and on Twitter @Troythulu.

* * *


Space art:

What's the meaning of this? U.V. Ceti - Jacob Rutka, The Grid. Great story about sublime space-art being a possible joke by the artist.

In celebration of the Mars Rover Landing - Mary Edna Fraser

Touchdown! - Sci-ence

Spacecraft 3D App - Stay Curious


Visual Field - xkcd

Old Friends - Beatrice the Biologist

Show Me Your Cyberface - Sci-ence

Atheism & Skepticism:

Geeky Ceramic Jewellery for people who love science and skepticism - Annalee Newitz, io9

Cool Ceramic Jewellery for Scientists - Maggie Koerth-Baker, Boing Boing

Copyright & Career:

It Isn't Enough to Feel Righteous - Almost Diamonds

On choosing to be where you don't belong - Artologica

From STEM to STEAM: adding art to science - CultureLab

Career Advice for Budding Natural Science Illustrators - ArtPlantae Today


My New Art Logo - Weapon of Mass Imagination

Fossil Gears - The Flying Trilobite

Judging a Book by Its Cover - ART Evolved - interesting discussion on scientific accuracy Vs. artistic licence in the comments.

Moonlight Huntress - The CAW Box

Ocean Art:

Shark Sculpture Sale on Etsy - Blacknick Sculpture

New Facebook Page - The Tiny Aviary - check the artwork accompanying it! Fantastic!

Lionfish Almost Done - JPop Studios

Medical Art:

Wax Model of a Decomposing Body in a Walnut Coffin, Italy, 1774-1800, The Science Museum, London - Morbid Anatomy

Conference Collective Memory - Graphic Medicine

"Objectify This: Female Anatomy Dissected and Displayed" Exhibition Curated by Street Anatomy's Vanessa Ruiz, September 7-29, Chicago - Morbid Anatomy

Botanical Art:

Do Art & Botany Need Each Other? - ArtPlantae Today

Sunflower - Willy Chyr

Bonsai as Natural History, Shaped by Artists - Visual Science

Street Art:

Street art scientists need to let us do the thinking for once - Alchemy

Painting is proceeding in all this heat - Marlin Peterson


The Most Unappealing Color - Gurney Journey


New Species Wants You to See No Weevil - Biodiversity in Focus

Circle of Life - The Episiarch

Drawing and Weeding - Traces

Animals - Art @ Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox

Children's Illustration:

That's no monkey... - Josh Witten, The Finch & Pea

Kickstarters and Shows:

Halfway There! - Alicia Hunsicker's Boundless Kickstarter to paint at CERN!

Fall is Coming - Artologica


Canada's 2012 Lucky Loonie - News from the Studio

* * *

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