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SciArt of the Day: Ducky Treat


© Craig Dylke


I've seen a lot of shades of blue in Craig Dylke's artwork over the last few years - the powerful blues in this piece just make this moment of action, frozen in time leap out at the viewer. An admitted mosasaur-fan, Craig explores ancient oceans and forests in his 3D images, and here shows us a rare moment handled with a rare quiet artistry.

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A Rare Marine Treat by Craig Dylke

2012, 3D Digital

You can read more about this image and the research behind it here.

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Traumador the Tyrannosaur - currently on hiatus, this family-friendly blog features the photo-manipulations, art and story of a diminutive t-rex in today's world.

ART Evolved - the lively group paleo-art blog founded by Craig Dylke and Peter Bond.

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