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Maki Naro and Science Comics


Maki Naro brings what I call "serious artwork" to the science comic world. He combines the classic graphic novel style with gorgeous artistry. He's the real deal, is what I'm saying. His comics range from single panel wit like A Fish By Any Other Name to series featuring recurring characters. His recent success on Kickstarter to fund a new series called Sufficiently Remarkable will no doubt be as amazing as the rest of his work.

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Here I'm sharing my favorite of Maki's comics--the broken escalator phenomenon. I love the way he represents our struggle with our brain's misperceptions.


Every day in the month of September, we are serving up a different science artist for your viewing pleasure. Can’t get enough? Check out what was featured on this day last year: Artist Mike Libby of Insect Lab Studio creates these one-of-a-kind sculptures using insects and antique pocket watch parts.

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