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JAMA gets a facelift


For almost 20 years, a neatly boxed image of fine art has graced the covers of the Journal of the American Medical Association, highlighting an emphasis they put on their commitment to art a half century ago. Today, the new editor-in-chief, Dr. Howard Bauchner, is upping the ante and putting their brand front and center by showcasing the original artwork of in-house illustrators Cassio Lynm and Alison E. Burke boldly on the cover. No surprise that I am a big fan of the change.

Covers of JAMA

This week, JAMA's editor in chief bucks the twenty-year trend of putting fine art on the cover

Coronary Artery Occlusion

Alison E. Burke, MA, CMI, and Cassio Lynm, MA, CMI. Coronary Artery Occlusion, 2011. A total occlusion in a diagonal branch of the left anterior descending artery—the beginnings of a localized myocardial infarction. This week’s cover highlights a pivotal moment in a cardiovascular event involving a branch of the left coronary artery.

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