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Invasive Species Inhabit Painting


{link url=""}Orphée (Orpheus) by Gustave Moreau{/link}, 1865; Musée d'Orsay.


Looking at Symbolist Master Gustave Moreau's Orphée I am struck by something. No, not the exquisitely beautiful severed head. The two box turtles hanging out in the corner, trying to be under the radar.

I may not be a cheloniologist, but l think those are North American Box Turtles. Or possibly Indian Star Tortoises. Indian Star Tortoises may be more likely since Symbolists like Moreau were obsessed with a kind of romanticized "Oriental" aesthetic when they threw jewellery and patterned drapery around in their paintings. In any case, what are they doing in a painting by a French Symbolist set in Greek legend?

Invasive species? A piece of exotic ephemera?

How many other paintings in fine art history feature species out of their proper geological place?

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