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Forget Skeuomorphic Illustration


Detail from Brave New World © Claudia Stocker

Most scientific illustration strives for realism, skeuomorphic textures of pencil and digital paint to resemble delicate insect wings, contours of a mammalian face or the movement in fluid on the cellular level. When I first saw the scientific illustrations by Claudia Stocker, I thought yes - here is scientifically literate artwork that also understands the aesthetic of contemporary graphic design.


© Claudia Stocker

© Claudia Stocker

© Claudia Stocker

Brave New World © Claudia Stocker

Dissected mouse from the Skin and Bone series © Claudia Stocker

Lemur fetus from the Skin and Bone series © Claudia Stocker

Woodpecker head from the Skin and Bone series © Claudia Stocker

Stocker has an impressive portfolio of illustration credits (including the Royal Society), and with her impressive linework and deceptively simple aesthetic...well wow. You want contemporary, cutting edge scientific illustration? It's right here.

(I know, I'm such a sciart fanboy sometimes.)

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