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  • Rediscovering the Forgotten Benefits of Drawing

    Rediscovering the Forgotten Benefits of Drawing

    By Jennifer Landin, Ph.D. | 4 hours ago |

    For today's SciArt Blitz, we're bringing you a sampling of student work - not by art students, but biology students - who were required to learn drawing techniques as a part of a biology class they took at North Carolina State University. This guest post is written by Professor Jennifer Landin who designed the course to emphasize the importance of this forgotten skill. […]

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  • A Silent Supersonic Jet?

    A Silent Supersonic Jet?

    By Kalliopi Monoyios | September 3, 2015 |

    Last week, NASA announced that they had successfully imaged the shock waves from a supersonic jet using a 150-year old photography technique from Germany. From their press release : "This schlieren image dramatically displays the shock wave of a supersonic jet flying over the Mojave Desert. […]

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  • The Glowing Promise of AR is Realized in the InvisibleEar

    The Glowing Promise of AR is Realized in the InvisibleEar

    By Glendon Mellow | September 3, 2015 |

    The glowing promise of AR, or augmented reality, promises us vast potential when it's paraded in pop culture. Tony Stark and his Jarvis A.I. recreate a crime scene in Iron Man 3, and every blown apart fragment is quickly reconstructed to yield clues; Temperance "Bones" Brennan switches on the Angelator and intuitively controls holographic models above a table in a dimly-lit room. […]

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  • Signed by the Artist, Tagged by the Sea

    Signed by the Artist, Tagged by the Sea

    By Kalliopi Monoyios | September 2, 2015 |

    Yesterday we kicked off the September SciArt Blitz with Museo Atlántico , an underwater museum made of cast concrete figures and objects that will sit off the coast of the Canary Islands once completed, forming an artificial reef. The project is the latest underwater sculpture installation by artist Jason deCaires Taylor whose work dots the world’s oceans and makes powerful statements about politics, human activity, and climate change. […]

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  • Buried at Sea, but Not Dead Yet

    Buried at Sea, but Not Dead Yet

    By Kalliopi Monoyios | September 1, 2015 |

    Every September we here at Symbiartic take the opportunity to dish up a daily dose of sciart featuring all the incredible artists we haven’t been able to get to during the year. This year is no different. Each day this month you can expect a different piece of science art that showcases the incredible depth and variety that exists under the umbrella of sciart. […]

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  • Using Instagram for Science Communication

    Using Instagram for Science Communication

    By Katie McKissick | August 26, 2015 |

    Part of my process for battling burnout has been rethinking the ways in which I use social media. One of my up-until-recently neglected channels was Instagram . I just didn't know what to do with it as a science communicator, web comic, and illustrator. […]

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  • How to Hold Your Own Board Meeting

    How to Hold Your Own Board Meeting

    By Katie McKissick | August 17, 2015 |

    As I described in one of my last posts, " Battling the Burnout Monster ," I held a board meeting to help get me out of my funk. This is based on the "Life Board of Directors" life coach Anne Bruce describes in her book Discover True North . […]

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  • Life on Mars Will Mess with Your Head

    Life on Mars Will Mess with Your Head

    By Kalliopi Monoyios | August 14, 2015 |

    Aside from staying up way too late catching up on our favorite tv shows, most of us don’t mess too radically with the 24-hour day cycle. True, night shift workers invert it and newborns and insomnia mess with it, but we are so profoundly ruled by Earth’s 24-hour rotation that very few of us ponder how this fact makes us uniquely unsuited for life beyond our home planet. […]

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  • Is it Time for Twitter to Verify Artists?

    Is it Time for Twitter to Verify Artists?

    By Glendon Mellow | August 7, 2015 |

    Celebrities, journalists and politicians are all likely to receive the coveted Verified badge on Twitter. Presumably, this is due to all of these careers adding value to the platform for the average user, and to distinguish their identities from malicious imposters and parody accounts. […]

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  • Mathematically Precise Crosshatching

    Mathematically Precise Crosshatching

    By Glendon Mellow | August 6, 2015 |

    The technique of hatching, using many thin, parallel lines to describe form, texture and shadow has been in use since at least the middle ages. It lends itself well to etching, engraving and drawing, and was a favourite technique of Albrecht D ürer . […]

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