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    Kalliopi Monoyios is an independent science illustrator and a certified science geek. She is the illustrator of three popular science books: Neil Shubin's Your Inner Fish and The Universe Within, and Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True. Find her at and @eyeforscience.

    Glendon Mellow is a fine artist, illustrator and tattoo designer working in oil and digital media based in Toronto, Canada. He tweets @FlyingTrilobite. You can see Glendon's work-in-progress at The Flying Trilobite blog and portfolio at

    Katie McKissick is a former high school biology teacher turned science writer and cartoonist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her first book is called What’s in Your Genes? and will be in bookstores December 2013. She tweets @beatricebiology. Her work can be found at

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  • Just How Fishy Are You? More About Your Inner Animal


    Last night the final episode of the 3-part series of PBS’s adaptation of Neil Shubin’s book Your Inner Fish aired in most of the country (although some PBS stations have delayed the last episode until next week… If you didn’t catch the series, you can stream them online for a short period here.) If tweets [...]

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    Facebook Frustration


    I wasn’t an early adopter of Facebook. I couldn’t possibly have been less interested, but a friend asked that I join so we could keep in touch, so I obliged. Seven years later, I’m one of the millions that checks Facebook every day. Not so much because of my personal life, but because of my [...]

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    Carly Tribull’s Entomology Comics


    I got to know Carly Tribull’s amazing work when we both contributed to the ant comic anthology, Myrmex. She is a PhD student at the American Museum of Natural History in New York who also draws science comics about insects. She is the gold standard of an active researcher educating the public about her area [...]

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    Reconstructing an Ancient Fin and Watching it Paddle to Fame


    Friends and colleagues who know that I illustrated Neil Shubin’s first book, Your Inner Fish, have been asking if I was involved in the three-part PBS series hosted by Shubin that will air next week on April 9th. The short answer is no. But I’m proud to say that I made this very model of [...]

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    Pinch of Pigment: Mummy Brown


    Many of the early Pre-Raphaelite paintings may have paint made from dead Egyptians. Considered to be a highly variable pigment between raw umber (almost greenish brown) and burnt umber (a ruddier brown), Mummy Brown was a transparent brown good for mixing. And it was appalling. Made from ancient Egyptian human and feline mummies grave-robbed investigated [...]

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    Attribution is Catchy


    Credit is Due (The Attribution Song) by Question Copyright and artist-in-residence Nina Paley with Bliss Blood on vocals. By pairing an important message with a catchy tune, the point sticks with you far longer than a © symbol will. I focus a lot on attribution in my complaints about abuses of copyright in the science [...]

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    12 Things I’ve Learned About Being a Science Artist Online


    After celebrating 7 years of blogging on The Flying Trilobite, I’m going to get all old guard and pompous and established and drop some wisdom about best practices for science artists online. Show off. Saying “I am too busy making art to spend time online” means you are too busy making art no one will [...]

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    Science, Comics, and Adventure!


    When I was a science teacher, I was always on the lookout for narrative stories that revolve around science. Our brains are wired to learn from stories, after all, so I was always astounded by the scarcity of good science-y stories. I used to go to bookstores and walk up and down the aisles of [...]

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    ‘Cosmos’ and ‘Your Inner Fish’ Pack the 1-2 Punch


    Two weeks from today, on April 9th, PBS will air the first of a three-part series adapted from Neil Shubin’s popular book, Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year-History of the Human Body. If you’ve ever wondered why we’re built the way we are – with five fingers on each hand, testes that hang [...]

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    Bone Dusters Paleo Ale, Brewed from Real Fossils!


    With craft brewing on the rise and many breweries tinkering with flavorings that range from the somewhat obvious (honey or citrus) to the eyebrow-raising (jalapeño, hemp, or even peanut butter cup) it was only a matter of time before someone stared a 35-million year old fossil in the face and thought, “would you make a [...]

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