The art of science and the science of art.

  • Science Hobbies

    Science Hobbies

    By Katie McKissick | May 19, 2015 |

    I recently got a job at NASA writing content for students on websites like  Space Place . Luckily for me, astronomy is one of the easiest subjects to get people excited about. I mean, who doesn't like outer space and stars and comets and asteroids and—there is so much cool stuff! […]

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  • Feathered Dinosaurs on Post-it Notes

    By Glendon Mellow | May 7, 2015 |

    Yi qi (C) Talcott Starr Sometimes, the pathway to a new idea becoming universally accepted requires a steady stream of little nudges, small pebbles thrown into the lake. Plink plink plink. Throw enough, and one day there’ll be an island of knowledge. […]

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  • Breathe Deep, Fellow Asthmatics

    By Glendon Mellow | May 5, 2015 |

    Today is World Asthma Day. Started by the Global Initiative for Asthma , I thought World Asthma Day would be a great time to share a detail from a series of key frames being produced by the animation team at INVIVO Communications , where I work. […]

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  • Talking with Students

    By Glendon Mellow | April 30, 2015 |

    Study of hands, by Albrecht Durer (1506) on the left; on the right, my copy made as a university student. Being a scientific illustrator isn’t an easy career path. Being a fine artist engaging with science is even more difficult, at least financially. […]

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  • 5 Instagram Tips for Science Artists

    By Glendon Mellow | April 29, 2015 |

    I’ve been on Instagram for a long time, with a private account to share family photos with friends. Last year, I decided to start up a second account, @FlyingTrilobite , to share my art in process, and the sort of things I normally share on my blog. […]

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  • Where’s the Amphibian Love? Rally for Your Mosquito-Eating BFFs

    By Kalliopi Monoyios | April 24, 2015 |

    If you don’t already love amphibians, you should. Amphibians are useful fellows. Before the FDA approved at-home pregnancy tests in 1976 and they became widely available in 1978, women relied on their doctors to confirm they were pregnant. And for many years, doctors’ best pregnancy indicator was a gaggle of female frogs kept at the ready to be injected with the woman-in-question’s urine to see if it would induce ovulation in the frog. […]

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  • Science Board Games, SciArt in the Crowd Edition

    Science Board Games, SciArt in the Crowd Edition

    By Katie McKissick | April 9, 2015 |

    I love playing board games, and my favorites are ones that involve science in some way . I'm always on the lookout for crowdfunding campaigns for science board games, as it's a great combination of science art and science communication. I've backed projects like Compounded and Go Extinct! […]

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  • Tube Worm Thoughts

    Tube Worm Thoughts

    By Katie McKissick | April 3, 2015 |

    On the heels of science art about how "we all eat the sun," I was thinking about the few exceptions to that rule. As my high school biology teacher would often say, " Always and never are never true in biology!" But when the ecosystems surrounding hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean were discovered in the late 70s, everyone was stunned . […]

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  • OOPS! Basic Anatomy Wrong in National Campaign Announcing $50m Gift

    By Kalliopi Monoyios | April 2, 2015 |

    From the Department of Convoluted University Bureaucracies and the Havoc They Wreak, I bring you an example of why Certified Medical Illustrators are worth every penny you spend on them: If you opened up The New York Times , The LA Times , The Washington Post , or The Boston Globe this week you might have seen a full-page ad announcing a $50-million dollar gift to endow and name the University of Southern California's Mark and Mary Stevens Neuroimaging and Informatics Institute . […]

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  • New Beginnings, Old Themes and False Starts

    New Beginnings, Old Themes and False Starts

    By Glendon Mellow | April 1, 2015 |

    About a month ago, We started something new. Kalliopi Monoyios, 1/3 of the Symbiartic posse pushed Katie McKissick and myself to start working on themed creations made especially for our blog. The first theme: 'New Beginnings". See the introductory post to Art Takes on Science here See Kalliopi Monoyios's New Beginnings art here See Katie McKissick's New Beginnings art here I am late for my New Beginning. […]

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