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  • We Are All Broken

    We Are All Broken

    By Katie McKissick | 19 hours ago |

    One of my most popular comics ever was this one about mental health issues. I called it "When We Are Hurting." This particular comic struck a chord with many because we've all been hurt, and many of us didn't or don't know how to talk about it. […]

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  • Pluto Flyby Already Inspiring Artists

    Pluto Flyby Already Inspiring Artists

    By Glendon Mellow | July 14, 2015 |

    As the probe whizzes past, paint is already being dabbed, splattered and scumbled. The Pluto flyby is astounding everyone including artists. [post header image at right by Stella Maria Baer] Painting influenced by scientific discoveries has a long history we should explore some more one day here on Symbiartic. […]

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  • The Future Arrives in Daubs of Paint

    The Future Arrives in Daubs of Paint

    By Glendon Mellow | July 11, 2015 |

    Painter Marcel Guldemond has tapped into something that's increasingly on my mind lately - art that normalizes science and our potential future.  Here in Toronto, Canada, we've already had a number of NIMBY cases about windmills, and following Sydney, Australia-based Ketan Joshi ( @KetanJ0 ) on Twitter, I've been fascinated by the resistance windmills generate almost as efficiently as they do power.  But Marcel Guldemond's painting doesn't resist windmills: it yields to their potential beauty in the landscape.  Windy Shore Blimp Service © Marcel Guldemond. […]

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  • Battling the Burnout Monster

    Battling the Burnout Monster

    By Katie McKissick | July 10, 2015 |

    I will take you down , Burnout Monster. And your friend Existential Crisis Beast—he's going down too. You're both awful. It happens to everyone, supposedly. You're being productive. You're working hard. You feel like you're moving forward, but it feels laborious, like you're going upstream. […]

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  • Glendon Ranting about Proper Image Use Again

    Glendon Ranting about Proper Image Use Again

    By Glendon Mellow | July 7, 2015 |

    Oh here we go again. The Internet Image Cop is astride his high horse and galloping through the online festival while popping everyone's balloons.  When I see images shared online without any links or names back to the creator, I can't help myself. […]

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  • Alien Sun over Victoria, B.C.

    Alien Sun over Victoria, B.C.

    By Glendon Mellow | July 6, 2015 |

    The wildfires in British Columbia, Canada are creating an alien world over the city of Victoria. There are currently over 170 fires burning, and the ash and smoke has prompted a health warning, according to Global News . After seeing a couple of unreal photos on social media last night, I contacted the photographers so I could share them here.    Photo by fine artist and composer of Requiem for a Glacier , Paul Walde . […]

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  • Hell on the Coral Reef

    Hell on the Coral Reef

    By Glendon Mellow | June 30, 2015 |

    In a unique stylistic choice in the history of fine art, angsty Symbolist painter Jean Delville chose to depict an allegorical Satan dominating his treasured souls while standing on a coral reef.  The painting, The Treasures of Satan (Les Trésors de Satan, 1895, oil on canvas), makes a choice that appears as almost a type of early fan fiction, or what-if to modern eyes. […]

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  • Is the Next Antibiotic Just Sitting on a Shelf?

    Is the Next Antibiotic Just Sitting on a Shelf?

    By Katie McKissick | June 22, 2015 |

    I recently did a comic for a non-profit called CO-ADD . Based at the University of Queensland in Australia, this effort asks chemists to send in compounds they’ve developed, and for free, CO-ADD will screen them for antibiotic properties. And if they do find an effective antibiotic, the researcher still retains ownership. […]

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  • It's Pollinators Week!

    It's Pollinators Week!

    By Katie McKissick | June 16, 2015 |

    I found out yesterday that it's Pollinators Week ! I had no idea. I need a calendar of science and nature days, weeks, and months. This must exist somewhere on the internet... but that's another post right there. Pollinators Week celebrates the bees, birds, butterflies, and bats for their wonderful alliteration as well as their pollinating roles. […]

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  • Support PaleoArt with the Jurassic World Challenge

    Support PaleoArt with the Jurassic World Challenge

    By Glendon Mellow | June 10, 2015 |

    Dinosaurs are as electrifying to the public as they have ever been, and the revival of the the Jurassic Park movies with director Colin Trevorrow's  Jurassic World  is a lightning rod.  People love 'em - and hopefully museums around the world will see a surge in attendence following the Jurassic World's release. […]

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