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Beautiful Minds

Working Memory and Fluid Reasoning: Same or Different?

Brainy woman

In 1990, researchers Patrick Kyllonen and Raymond Christal found a striking correlation. They gave large groups of American Air Force recruits various tests of working memory, in which participants performed simple operations on a single letter. For instance, in the “alphabet recoding” task, the computer briefly displayed three letters: H, N, C Followed by an [...]

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Beautiful Minds

Reasoning Training Increases Brain Connectivity Associated with High-Level Cognition

Illustrator: George Doutsiopoulos

A number of studies across various domains– from juggling to taxi navigation to meditation to music to motor learning to processing speed– demonstrate the importance of experience on patterns of neural connectivity. Finally, the cognitive ability domain is catching up. In recent years, neuroscientists have discovered a large-scale brain network critical for novel and complex goal-directed [...]

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Beautiful Minds

Introducing Beautiful Minds

kid on playground

When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with a learning disability. By the age of three, I had already suffered from twenty-one ear infections. As a result, I developed “Central Auditory Processing Disorder,” which made it very difficult for me to process auditory input in real time. For much of my youth, I felt as [...]

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