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The Scicurious Brain

Guest Post 6! Building STEM Bridges: Scientists Overcoming Isolation by Building Community


Please Welcome Guest Post , from my old stomping grounds at U Penn, Caleph Wilson! Diversity has become a watchword in the scientific community. For the last 20 years colleges, universities, government science agencies and private foundations have worked to increase the numbers of scientists from under-represented backgrounds. Some of these policy changes have resulted [...]

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The Scicurious Brain

Guest Post 1: In the end, let’s make sure something good comes out.

Rim Photo rat

Please welcome the first of this week’s guest bloggers, Rim! Hello lovers, When Sci asked me to guest blog for her week of diversity, I was at first flattered but then I had a few moments of hesitation. I ran through a mental list of why I shouldn’t write the post, did I really have [...]

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Streams of Consciousness

Where Are the Gifted Minorities?

Guest blog by Frank C. Worrell, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius and Rena F. Subotnik For more than a quarter century, critics have faulted gifted education programs for catering to kids from advantaged backgrounds. These programs do, after all, typically enroll outsized numbers of European American and Asian American students hailing from relatively well-off homes. Members of other [...]

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We’re All Minorities Compared To These Manhattan Residents


Everyone would agree that a million is a lot and a billion is even more, but these types of numbers are hard to intuitively understand. So while you may nod and say, “wow” approvingly when told that there are more than a billion ants living in Manhattan, I bet you have a slightly more visceral [...]

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