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Beautiful Minds

In Defense of Working Memory Training


One minute we’re being told that brain training makes you smarter, and the next minute we’re told it’s all bogus. Confused? I don’t blame you. The research literature on brain training is confusing and even sometimes contradictory. This is the way of science. I believe, however, that there is hope in making sense of things if the field and the [...]

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Taking a Closer Look at How Meditation Improves Our Brains [Video]


The practice of meditation can sharpen our attention, strengthen memory and improve other mental abilities. In our latest Instant Egghead video, Scientific American editor Ferris Jabr examines the changes in brain structure behind some of these benefits. More to explore (via Ferris Jabr): Does mindfulness training improve cognitive abilities? A systematic review of neuropsychological findings. [...]

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Talking back

Is Mindfulness Good for Everything? Maybe Not for Learning to Ride a Bike

Searching the keyword “mindfulness” on Google News turns up more than 9,000 results posted over the last few weeks. The vast majority of headlines arrive in your browser resonating with  hyperbolic overtones: “Pioneering Lee School uses mindfulness for pupils to beat stress and boost exams” “How to Manage Your 40,000 Thoughts A Day and Keep [...]

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