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Compound Eye

The Color of Honey


This week I harvested a lovely linden honey (at right) from one of our backyard beehives. Nectar from linden flowers yields a honey that is exceptional both in its pale tone and in its strong flavor. Most light honeys taste light; that from linden is bold but sweet, ideal for salad dressings and marinades. I [...]

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MIND Guest Blog

Simply Shining a Light Can Reveal the Brain’s Structure

Pseudo-colored angiogram of a rodent somatosensory cortex with surface vessels in yellow and orange and deep vessels in green. Credits: Vivek Srinivasan and Harsha Radhakrishnan.

This blog is the fifth in a series of guest posts on technology and the brain to celebrate Scientific American Mind’s 10-year anniversary. The magazine’s special November/December issue similarly highlights the interface between code and thought in profiling a future, more digital YOU. Imagine having to spot a single grain of cereal at the bottom [...]

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How Your Smartphone Messes with Your Brain—and Your Sleep

Light from those screens triggers a chemical reaction that makes you think it is morning

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Stop This Absurd War on the Color Pink

Last week Robert Krulwich, a co-host of the wonderful program Radiolab, Pluto’d pink. In a blog post he noted that pink doesn’t occupy a slot in the familiar colors of the rainbow—there’s no P in Roy G. Biv. From this, he concludes that pink does not really exist: That’s why pink is an invention. It’s [...]

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Plugged In

Photo Friday: All lights are not created equal


At the California Lighting Teaching Center (CLTC) in Davis, California, researchers explore light from many angles. This rack of light emitting diode (LED) lightbulbs on display at the CLTC shows how different designs and bulbs can create wide varieties of light. Photo Credit: CLTC used with permission.

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What Artists Know About Light That Physicists Are Missing


Whether you learned that light was a particle or a wave in high school physics, you likely inferred that only physicists could ultimately weigh in on the subject. Technically true, I suppose, but there are a number of artists demonstrating quite deftly that light is a medium, too. Artist Darren Pearson is one such person. [...]

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