Solar at Home

Solar at Home

The trials, tribulations and rewards of going solar

Calling all solar enthusiasts: Tell me about your system!


Editor's Note: Scientific American's George Musser will be chronicling his experiences installing solar panels in Solar at Home (formerly 60-Second Solar). Read his introduction here and see all posts here.

Have you installed a grid-connected solar array on your home? If so, I'd love to hear about your experience! I'm planning to pull together a series of blog posts that surveys the variety of projects out there to see what common themes emerge. Please contact me offline at and summarize what you've done: the size of the system, its performance, your location, the subsidies (if any) you've taken advantage of, any problems you encountered, whatever. If you're blogging about it, include the URL and I'll link to it.

Collage of ultraviolet images of the sun by the SOHO spacecraft, courtesy of NASA and the European Space Agency

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